No Fear

To write, you need courage: whether that’s bringing the piece you want to write into existence or not being afraid of what your audience (or reader) might think, or finding the time in a busy working life to put words on a page. This workshop will look at topics like self-censorship, learning to trust your writerly instinct (and recognizing it in the first place), being honest in what you write, and how to be brave in terms of subject, metaphor, language and voice.

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Ian McDonald (UK) is a British science fiction writer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. His themes include nanotechnology and post-cyberpunk settings and his works are known to be set in developing nations, and the impact of rapid social and technological change in these societies. His novel 'Chaga Saga' (1990) was noted for its analysis of the AIDS crisis in Africa, 'River of Gods' (2004) is set in mid-21st century India and 'Brasyl' (2007) is set in the 18th and 21st centuries in Lusophone, South America. His first novel ‘Desolation Road’ was published in 1988 and a celebrated cult classic. His other works include his first novel turned cult classic ‘Desolation Road’ (1988) and the three volumes of the ‘Everness’ series for younger readers: ‘Planesrunner’, ‘Be My Enemy’ and ‘Empress of the Sun’.
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Sat Jun 13, 2015
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM MYT
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CLassroom (Publika Shopping Gallery, next to Baskin Robbins)
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CLassroom, Level G2, Publika Shopping Gallery (next to Baskin Robbins) Malaysia
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